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Bruno Mars: "Liquor Store Blues" f. Damian Marley (Video)


After conquering the ladies who love weak pop music that is sung by a competent if boring singer, Bruno Mars has decided to try to carve off a chunk of Sublime's fans with this faux reggae track called "Liquor Store Blues." In case you forgot that reggae is sometimes associated with the smoking of marijuana, there is a lot of smoke in this video. But that's not the only feature in the clip: You also get to see Damian Marley sell out in real time. By the end of this, he might as well be in McDonald's commercials. I guess this song is supposed to make you THINK about stuff, like drinking, etc., but mostly it makes me try to find someone to blame for this. 


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Bruno Mars

Whoever you are, you're crazy this song is AMAZING, and if you think that he is a boring singer YOU are out of your mind, I wonder if YOU can do any better.

Just a thought :)


What is your problem? Mars is a great singer not just competent. He is from Hawaii and has more legitimate claim to be a reggae artist than Sublime, though I do like Sublime. How is this a sell out for Marley? You obviously know nothing about music. Mars has been a hard at work musician since a very young age. I admire his musicianship. Accessability in music or art does degradate its artistic value. Let me name a few artists/musicians who were widely popular in their time and are considered great. Mozart, Beethoven, Picasso, Hendrix, Gene Krupa, Hampton, Glenn Miller, Sinatra, Garland, Michael Jackson, Clapton, The Beatles and the list could go on and on...............


for alll you haters out there i just wanted to say bruo mars is esxy no doubt about it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vanessa mars

bruno mars is boring. He is not versatile at all. Girls like him bcause he sings love songs a lot. He is in the same league with Taylor Swift.


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