“Brothers” (Video)

    Americana revisionists The War on Drugs unleashed their excellent second album,  Slave Ambient, last summer and the Philly rockers start touring again next month. They’re celebrating another victory lap this week with a video that follows the exploits of a gun-toting, geriatric cowboy. (Oh, and this symbol of the death of the frontier also totes plenty of duct tape.) Directorial team Brewer told Vulture that their visual inspirations were distinctly Western when lensing the stark clip for the shoegaze-y and rambling  single.

    “We kept picturing it as the soundtrack to a dark Western, like Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid or Unforgiven,” explains Brewer, the directing team behind the video. “That is where the deranged TV cowboy character came from.” Watch the barmy clip, below. Slave Ambient is out now via Secretly Canadian.