“Broken Hearted Girl” (Video)

    You’d think Beyonce has some deluxe version of her latest album, I Am…Sasha Fierce, coming out or something because she’s been releasing a bunch of new videos for the album recently. First was the video for “Ego.” Then one for the Kanye-assisted “Ego” remix. And now comes the video for “Broken Hearted Girl.” The new clip continues the black-and-white theme of most of the videos from Sasha, except there’s some Wizard of Oz-like switch to color when Beyonce resolves to not end up with a broken heart. Yesterday I thought the lack of tact in Beyonce’s metaphors was annoying, but today, I think’d prefer lines about an ego being huge instead of this treacle-filled, wedding-sounding ballad.


    I Am…Sasha Fierce is out now.