“Broad Factor” (Ras G’s Black Dusty Remix)

    Fresh off the release of his latest album, Down 2 Earth, Brainfeeder’s resident super-spaced out producer Ras G has apparently been digging around in his personal crates. And during his excavations, he stumbled upon an old zip disk featuring a gnarly remix of Quasimoto’s “Broad Factor.” Fans of Lord Quas, aka Madlib’s helium-voiced alter ego, likely know this track as a limited-edition single that ran in 2004.

    For whatever reason, it never landed on a proper release, though cats like Ras G have been remixing it for years as the single came with instrumental and vocal tracks. It’s not clear when Ras G made this remix, but he’s clearly happy with how it turned out — we are, too — because he chose to go back and “fresh it up.” It’s safe to say we’re glad he did.

    You can stream the remix below.

    Lord quas broadfactor (Black Dusty RMX) by Ras_G