“Bro Mitzvah” (Video)

    Real talk: Bobb’e J. Thompson is the funniest kid in America. He was hilarious on Human Giant. He had some of the best lines in Role Models (“You white, you Ben Affleck”). He’s Tracy Morgan’s funniest son on 30 Rock.


    And now he’s doing funny rap songs called “Bro Mitzvah” about how he wishes he was Jewish so he could get $10,000 and an X-Box. The video for “Bro Mitzvah” is above, and Bobb’e J wilds out at his black Bar Mitzvah.


    Aziz Ansari (of Human Giant and Parks and Recreation) posted the video to his Tumblr, and his description is the best:

    What the fuck. How did I just now find this. Bobb’e J made a rap video about he wants to turn Jewish so he can have a black Bar Mitzvah (a Bro Mihtzvah). This is fucking insane.

    True dat. [via Pitchfork]