“Break It Down”

    Kidz in the Hall wrapped up their weekly music series, Brain Candy, two weeks ago with the release of their Semester Abroad mixtape, an impressive affair highlighting the duo’s growth over the past six months or so. And later this summer, Naledge and Double 0 will follow up the mixtape with an EP they’re calling Occasion. Its lead single, “Break It Down,” boasts that same live band-aesthetic heard across Semester Abroad with its distorted guitars and melodic synthesizers. But it remains that core, pseudo-throwback sound the guys have messed with since their debut. This is especially true on the hook, which repeats “I can break it down/break it/break it/break it down,” and the Beastie Boys-ish breakdown.


    Stream “Break It Down” below. Occasion is due out this summer.


    Kidz In The Hall – Break it Down [Dirty] by double_0


    [Nah Right]