“Break (AOTL)”

    To get fans ready for his upcoming IAMDONALD tour, Donald Glover comes through with another track under his rapper-singer alias Childish Gambino. Lyrically, “Break (AOTL)” follows the lead of many of the tracks we have heard from Glover up to this point. What that means is there are plenty of sex-referencing punch lines interspersed with critical viewpoints on popular culture as a whole. He also gets ample credit for name-dropping Gargamel, Frank Ocean, and John Wayne Gacy Jr. on the same track.


    What’s most impressive here, though, is that Glover is showing off his interpolation skills. He takes elements of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” and breaks them up to create something new that remains indebted to Yeezy’s guest-laden single. It’s also the first time in a while that an acoustic guitar take on a hip-hop song hasn’t sounded completely contrived.


    Stream “Break (AOTL)” below and download it here.


    Break (AOTL) by Childish Gambino