“Breakin’ A Sweat (It’s Alright)”

    As if enough college kids didn’t listen to the Doors already, the surviving members of the band have recorded an ungodly collaboration with dubstep producer Skrillex. Get ready, dorm/frat partiers, because you damn well put “Breakin’ A Sweat (It’s Alright)” on your playlist if you want to be ahead of the pack. As for everyone else, I hope you didn’t eat before listening to this.

    OK, I’m being a little unnecessarily mean here, but good lord, why did they have to use the “Come on baby light my fire” line? Seriously. Stream the track below. It’s part of the Hyundai RE:GENERATION series, which we featured earlier today via the DJ Premier, Nas, and Berklee Symphony Orchestra collaboration. That was rad. This is…not.[CoS]