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Brandi Carlile: GM Olympics Commercial - "The Story" (Video)

For the 2008 Olympics, GM is airing a commercial featuring "The Story" by Brandi Carlile. Watch the video above or scroll below to see the original video. For an explanation as to why "The Story" is a GM commercial, you can read Carlile's blog post on Myspace below.

Why "The Story" Is In A GM Commercial

Hey all,

I'm writing you from a plane bound for Portugal. While we are gone you may have already heard our song "The Story" in an Olympic advertisement for GM. Depending on how you feel about music and advertising in general, you may be wondering why a band like us would do something like this. Well I have a few good reasons, so allow me to shine a little light on the subject.

When GM first approached our band to use "The Story" in their 2008 Olympic ad visions of SUVs and full-size pick-up trucks driving through a rugged mountain range were dancing through my head. I promptly and politely declined. (Although I don't want to be a hypocrite, our band did tour in a GM gas-guzzling van for many years) But, when they came back to us and offered to involve us in an ad campaign promoting hybrids, bio fuel, bio hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell cars and yes, even the infamous electric car the Chevy Volt, I felt the need to think twice about having the opportunity to be a part of a huge American car company creating an ad campaign for environmentally responsible cars. We feel they allowed more than a fair amount of input from us and made an honest effort to create an environmentally conscious ad. We are proud of it.

I also believe in American jobs. Keeping people employed in the US and building fuel-efficient/alternative cars could help reduce and one day help eliminate our dependency on foreign oil. To really make a positive impact regarding the climate crisis we all need to work together to make the change, even GM.

Regardless of what my feelings are about the agenda behind the sudden wave of corporate environmental awareness, its still awareness just the same.

Thanks for hearing us out. The twins and I are proud to say that every last penny from the GM ad is being donated and split between several environmental organizations exploring alternative energy and effecting change on a grass roots level…sweet!

Names and links to these organizations are soon to follow just as soon as the paperwork is done! J

And yes dad, we are still loud mouth tree huggers…sorry.



Brandi Carlile "The Story" (Live Video)

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Brandi Carlile

Outstanding song, best I have heard in years


When my mom, my wife and my daughter all ask me on the same day, "Who sings that Chevy song? I love that.", then I know that GM has really hit the mark with Brandi Carlile singing "The Story".


I have never heard such a beautiful song sang on a commercial at the Olympics. The singer caught my ear and what a beautiful voice. Now I know what to purchase to add to my collection of music. I love it!!!!!. Hazel

Hazel Chibroski

I LOVE this song and was turned on to this song just about a year ago and rediscovered it in my library a few weeks back. It touches my soul and makes me feel. It's the song that I sing to the love of my life and the one I will sing to him on our wedding day. To be watching the Olympics and see/hear this on a commercial .. threw me off..BIG TIME!! I loved it and it mad me smile and know .. yep It's all for real!! Nice pick GM!!!

Girl In Love

Saw Brandi at a "Girls" concert as the opener and support vocalist. OMG - she's super and her lyrics and voice carry you away!!!


I love it ...... SOOOOOOOO beautiful.. Can not say enought !!!!!!!!!!!


Late morning lullabye last night at the Tractor


thank you brandi

corona jim

corona jim

Heard the GM Commercial and couldn't get the tune out of my head. Had to find out who the singer was and went on Google to search! This song

Maria C

So glad I finally found out who sings this song!!! Heard it first on the ad during the Olympics and just had to get it. Unique, refreshing, beautiful.


Great song with a great message


I love this song!!! I hope to see more like it very soon. Very meaningful


The beautiful voice and extraordinary arrangement of this song make it


After searching forever, I finally found this song and the name of the singer using the Google search. I couldn't find it on YouTube. Funny how a song that gives you goose bumps will get you to watch a commercial. Beautiful!

Merlyn S

Wow!! I love the song that I saw in the GM commercial for the olympics. I'm glad to find out the name and singer.

Pat L.

I love the song and I love the commercial. We live in an era where we have begun to feel bad about ourselves as Americans - our finances out of balance, our industries in decline, our government derailed, and our environment spoiled. These Olympics, which are touted as the coming out party for China, have also taught us once again to be proud to be Americans. Michaels Phelps amazing accomplishment, the Olympic teams many wins, and this one ad have made me feel good about America again. I am not a fan of GM, and I have never bought a GM car, but I am willing to rethink that now.


What a beautiful, moving song! and the voice really touches one in a haunting delivery!
I must go and buy it!

Mary G

I'm a forty year old mom of three young boys and I really like this song! I keep hearing the GM commercial and think, "I've got to find out who sings that". Tonight, after hearing the commercial I said to my husband, "OK, that's it. I'm going to look it up - now!" I found this site and am so grateful. Now I can go buy the song! Brandi has a beautiful voice and I find the reasons she listed for their group to allow GM to use the song, even more of a reason to like the song. Go America! Let's get back on track. We are a great country and have much to be proud of! If GM can make good, green cars that will be a definite step in the right direction!


As soon as I heard the song it caught my attention. I had to look it up to see who sings it. I love it.

ttc 152

GM Omnis > GM Olmypics Commerical

/site_media/uploads/images/users/GM_Omnis/CURLS.jpg OMNIS

I heard this song on the GM Olympics. I fell in love with the song and kept trying to figure out who was singing it. I was in Bass Pro Shop yesterday and heard the song on the intercom and figured it was from a album. Looked at Google for GM Commercials and there I found it . I now have it in my collection. I love the way Miss Carlile sings and the message in the song

Sandi in Florence AZ

I too keep replaying the song in my head. Reminds me of the stories of my younger years in my first car, a 1973 Oldsmobile. I now have a 4 cylinder, manual transmission GMC truck, and I'm glad I made the choice to be as responsible as I could. Lovely voice!


I first saw Brandi and the Twins here in AA open up for Jonny Lang about 4years ago.My wife and I were so impressed with the music and vocals that we were addicted right away. Since then we have seen Brandi 4 times and would recommend her to anyone that likes to listen to the music not here it if you know what I mean.The Story is her second studio album but if you can get your hands on her first demo accustic Cd I recommend it. E

Eric in Ann Arbor, Mi

MY mother and i were watching the Olympics & this song came on and my mother and i loved the song- must have it-!!!
and it is very hard to impress my mother- GOOD WORK :-)


Awesome commercial and song, absolute love it!

But what is that maroon car at the end that has like the slanted headlights is the real question>? I want it! :P


First Cat Power, now Brandi Carlile? Indie hits commercialism, in a good way...


it's a great song, and she seems like a realistic person too. (hopefully) there's nothing fake about her. (hopefully) her image is who she really is. if so, mad props to her.


I had this song runnig through my head more or less constantly ever since I heard it on the radio a while back. When I heard it play during the Olympics, I finally decided to figure out who it was by. My youtube searches proved fruitless (mostly because AC/Dc apparently has a song named "I was made for you"...), but finally, I have the name and artist. Thank you! This is such a great song!!


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