“Boy” (video)

    The boys and girls of Syracuse’s Ra Ra Riot are all set to release their long-awaited sophomore effort, The Orchard, on August 24th. They released that album’s first single, ‘Boy,’ earlier this summer, and now we have this confounding video to provide the visual backdrop that song so desperately asked for. In case you’ve forgotten (or, more likely, in case you never knew), Ra Ra Riot is an incredibly good-looking bunch. It’s a shame, then, that the only person we see in sustained close-up in this clip is frontman Wes Miles, who happens to not be either cellist Alexandra Lawn or violinist Rebecca Zeller.

    That the band’s as easy on the eyes as they are makes it less difficult to forgive them for this quietly bizarre video. What seems, on first glance, to be your typical band-intercut-with-cats-intercut-with-dancing-old-dandy promo vid reveals itself, with further viewings, to be a little weirder than all that: notice that the cats are materializing out of nowhere, and that those glowing orbs circling the band are actually being carried by black-clad chamber pop devotees, and that neither girl is staring incredulously into a mirror, shaking their head at the pure random wonder of being born beautiful. It’s all sort of weird, and a bit pointlessly so, but it makes you wish some of that weirdness had slipped into the track itself–because if ‘Boy’ is any indication, Ra Ra Riot haven’t picked up any new tricks in their two years on the road. [The Music Slut]