“Boss N*gga”

    Rapper/producer Juicy J posted another new track from his upcoming album Stay Trippy today called “Boss N*gga.” The title of the album, as well as this song, indicates that, despite the bevy of hip guests known to be on the album (Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz and even the Weeknd, among others), Juicy is still interested in delivering classic, bounce-infused proto-crunk- the sound that brought Memphis rap out of the shadows with “Sippin’ on Some Syrup.”

    It’s important to remember that the members of that legendary enclave have been vying for, and consistently moving toward, greater mainstream success since their early days. Remember: Three 6 Mafia got an Oscar for “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.” More recently, Juicy’s moved farther and farther afield from his Memphis roots, embracing more of a nonspecifically Southern club-rap sound. On Stay Trippy’s first single “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” J collaborated with hit-making producer Mike Will Made It; soon the song was a megahit. However, the track finds Juicy delivering somewhat generic nu-T.I.-style rhymes which eliminate many of the idiosyncracies which made his rapping distinctive in the T6M days. 

    But Juicy made the beat on this new leak “Boss N*gga” (with help from Crazy Mike), and here they’re on the cusp of a classic Memphis feel. Juicy may be (rather unfortunately) “Taylor Gang” now, but he doesn’t share Wiz’s proclivities for stoner-rap sloppiness. J is still “sippin’ codeine/ cause that weed got me coughin’”-not too many rolling papers for this Memphis boy, perhaps. “Boss N*gga” has plenty of the offbeat, ignorant sentiments we expect from Juicy, and we should all have high hopes for Stay Trippy, despite the suspicious tastes we’ve gotten of it in the past.

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