“Born This Way” & “Judas/Edge Of Glory” (Live On SNL) (Video)


    Last night was the last time this TV season that TV critics get to debate about the “relevance” of Saturday Night Live. Is it still relevant? Was it ever? But at least last night’s episode was pretty good: It was hosted by Justin Timberlake, who is about the closest thing SNL has to a sure-thing host these days, and who is actually hilarious. It also had fucking bonkers performances by Lady Gaga, which were probably pretty “noteworthy” and “controversial” for the blue hairs who were up late enough to see her (like my moms, probably).


    But mostly these were a huge mess, a smash of trash culture, songs that are at least three rewrites (and a Madonna hook) from being coherent, and mostly just excuses for dance sequences with extras from a sci-fi bondage film. Above is video of a medley of “Judas” & “Edge of Glory,” and below is video of “Born This Way,” which starts with Gaga coming out of an egg. Remember when indie critics had a passing interest in her because of her being a “distillation of pop culture in its purest form.” Fuck those guys.