“Born Free” (Live on Letterman) (Video)


    These may be End Times for M.I.A. if you pay a little too much attention to the Internet, but she’s carrying on with the promo duties for / \ / \ / \ Y / \ regardless of critical pannings and cancellations of festivals. Last night (July 13) she brought Martin Rev from Suicide to David Letterman’s show for this performance of “Born Free.”


    This might be one of the least commercial performances you’ll see on late night television all year, with M.I.A. adding to the surreal spectacle by employing an entire phalanx of look-alike backing singers. It’s too bad the cameras couldn’t focus on the reaction from Letterman’s no-doubt perplexed audience, but at least Dave himself is on hand to wish this oddball collective a “Happy Halloween” at the song’s close.