“Boogie Nights”

    Big Baby Gandhi‘s much anticipated NO 1 2 LOOK UP 2 mixtape is out this Friday on Greedhead. From the project we’ve heard “Blue Magic,” a collab with Das Racist, and “Lurkin’,” a track with Fat Tony. But now here’s a third and probably final drop in the form of “Boogie Nights.” David of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, the outlet that premiered the track earlier, wrote that he “badgered Hima a lot to put this track on my blog because I really believe in Big Baby Gandhi.”

    Produced by the 21-year-old Queens rapper, this two-minute disco blaze sees Gandhi (born Nafis Allah) in full spitfire mode, throwing forth lines like, “Now the honeys call me Young Kama Sutra/ Old white people real mad ’cause I’m the future.” Check the track out below, and look for NO 1 in a couple days. [PRR]