“Bonfire” (CD Quality)

    Update: We now have a CD quality stream of the track. It’s below the original text.

    If you have listened to Donald Glover’s rap project Childish Gambino and wished that he would go a lil’ harder, than “Bonfire” should satisfy your needs. It’s the most aggressive Gambino track we’ve heard yet, though it’s still littered with his witticisms-by-way-of-punch lines. But even as he goes harder vocally, “Bonfire” probably won’t win you over if you haven’t warmed up to Gambino’s output just yet. The track remains in his established wheelhouse, but it’s been given a rush of masculine adrenaline. Personally, I dig it, but like I said, tread cautiously if you’re not a fan.

    You can stream the track below. It stems from Gambino’s forthcoming Glassnote Records debut, Camp, which is due out Nov. 15.