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Bon Iver: "Come Talk To Me" (Peter Gabriel Cover)

One of the more high-profile (and readily available, seriously, I could have drowned someone in a pile of them at my local record store) releases from this last weekend's Record Store Day was the split Bon Iver and Peter Gabriel 7-inch that found the two artists covering each other. We already heard Petey Pablo's over-wrought cover of "Flume," but now, thanks to the Hype Machine, here's Bon Iver's. Bon Iver's cover of "Come Talk to Me" is all echoed vocals, plucked mandolins and raw emotion, easily eclipsing Gabriel's cover. You could have convinced me this was a Bon Iver original, and I wouldn't question it. You can't say the same thing in the other direction.


The Gabriel-Bon Iver single is out now.   

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