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Bob Dylan: "Maggie's Farm" f. Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers (Live On The Grammys) (Video)


Our announcement that Bob Dylan was set to share the stage with Mumford & Sons at the Grammys didn’t go down too well, but here it is, complete with additional instrumentation from the Avett Brothers. This clip includes a number by the Mumfords, but if you can get through that you’ll eventually get to the Dylan performance (via an Avett Brothers track titled “Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promises”), which is a frenetic country-fried version of “Maggie’s Farm.” At this point in his career everyone expects Dylan to take a wayward path through his back catalog, and he certainly does that here, with his gravel-y vocal mannerisms suggesting that he’s approaching Tom Waits-ian levels of gruffness.

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Bob Dylan

What do you mean "if you can get through that"? Mumford & Sons were the best part of the night and some of the only actual musicians that showed up.


What is wrong with Mumford and Sons that the writer had to say, "if you can get through that ?" I thought they were pretty great.


You kidding me? Mumford & Sons put almost every artist to shame with this short set. They actually showed real emotion and love for music and everything its about. Not even that big of a fan of theirs until this set last night. Great stuff. If you ask me Dylan's a legend but trying to make his performance something it wasn't is absurd. We all know what classic Dylan sounds like and we love it. But last night was awful.


I know you guys probably think Mumford doesnt deserve as much fame as they are just a watered down, British version of the Avett Brothers but a lot of people, me included think they sound fantastic. Please look away from thoose hipster lenses t orealize that for alternative folk music as whole, the rise of Mumford and Sons is a good thing.


They were pure, raw, excelllent talent. You know, the real, rare kind that doesn't require a flambouyant act to make them appear talented!
So rare these days...!


"They actually showed real emotion and love for music and everything its about."

That would be true, if it wasn't an affectation. It is pretty clear to me that it is an affectation, anybody else care to back up my claim? They are douchey bros who think by moving around and singing sappy songs that it is true emotion.


Mumford and Avetts were FANTASTIC!!!!! Dylan needs to retire!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just discovered Mumford recently and I LOVE them!!!! Great, great stuff! "Real emotion" or not, it is totally fun, refreshingly different and really entertaining!

Anonymous 2

If you can't see and hear the raw, emotional power in this performance you should probably just go follow Justin Bieber on Twitter or something along those lines.


yeah ummm Nick Neyland you kind of suck quit listening to lady gaga and try some good music for a change


The author is, obviously, very bias in their approach with this statement. One can have their own view and the other can have theirs; it's not a pissing contest. Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers are real musicians and their performance solidified the notion that alternative folk and rock music are in a state of revival. Music like this NEEDS to be at the Grammy's and on the radio! This kind of music NEEDS its mark in the modern music world because this is what raw talent is and where roots in all music forms are found. Justin Bieber (who is also talented in his own way) can find his roots in this music just as much as this music finds its roots under the Country umbrella. Also, Bob Dylan is a legend and this performance wasn't written as a crowd pleaser but instead as a tribute to one of the most influential artists of all time. If you could remember, there was a tribute to Aretha Franklin but we were lucky enough to have Bob Dylan alive as well as perform at the Grammys. Instead of denouncing him because his voice has become looser with age, one should realize that this performance was in place to signify a revival of a once-lost, great art form.


That was the highlight of the evening( including the Mumfords)
whether the writer liked it or not. Incidently, I'm 72 years old

wendell kightlinger

Nick, seriously are you kidding? M & Sons was fantastic...and was the talk of Monday morning around North America. I think they'll see a *huge* lift in album sales this week because of their performance.


Pam sweetie, you don't understand Dylan made Mumford and Sons and the Avertt Bros. better. If you are a Dylan fan you will understand. Both groups were good, but Dylan is the master.


Throughout his long musical history Bob Dylan has defied the expectations of his audience; and history has inevitably proven him prescient. He remains a great songwriter, singing songs in his own unique and evolving style, and I will not join the current chorus of criticism.


I never heard of M & S, or the Avertt Brothers and they blew me away. They did it with style. I wish that they had square dancers on the empty portion of the stage. It was awesome watching Bob Dylan give one of his last live public performance. Their performance was equally as good as lady gaga. I had a hard time sitting though Eminem just to hear Rihanna.


This is the finest anti-smoking add I've ever seen.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mfiander/profile.jpg mfiander

Everyone needs to youtube the crap out of the Avett Brothers....after that you will just WANT to buy their albums. Seeing them live is the best experience I have ever had with a musical group (Tv performance doesn't count). I don't care what you are a fan of, they have a way of getting under skin I never even knew I had, they may just very well touch you too.


Im surprised The Avett brothers even bothered going on after watching Mumford and Son's short set. MUmford and Son's absolutely kicked it!! As gruff as his voice is, I loved Dylans set! What an absolute legend!!

James Talbot

Dylan was awful? Not. He was actually pretty darn good. Bob has wanted to slow EVERYTHING down in the last 5 years as well as not work very hard at singing more than 3 different notes per song...painful. He actually was up tempo and had vocal color in his presentation. Proved that when he wants...he can show that he can put some effort into his music. For Bob Dylan fans, it had to be a relief and extremely entertaining.

Robbin Steele

I can't stop watching this, not because of Bob Dylan but because Mumford and Sons rocked it. I think they gave an amazingly emotional performance and sounded awesome! I am hooked on this band and can't wait to hear more from them.


I do not understand the insanely basis description. I was unaware that these three artists would be at the Grammys. Had I of known, I would've taken the time out of my life to watch the performance.
They are ALL wonderful artists. They're not coming out of eggs, or dressing eccentrically, they're just playing music. Like they should be.

And they do it well.


Mumford and Sons are horrid. They don't deserve to share the stage with Dylan. Over here in the UK we are force fed their watered down stadium folk constantly on the radio. They are incredibly wealthy and privileged boys dressing up as hobos (but ones that shop at Jack Willis) and singing in a terrible West Country/Irish accent. It's just so utterly fake and plastic....and those bad? It's not just that they took directly from various literature but that they did it in such a moronic way.


I am a huge hip hop fan, my faves ar Dr.Dre, Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, etc.

If you can't appreciate a great preformance that Mumford and sons gave, you shouldn't be doing this, beacuse you are obviously blind and def.


Bob Dylan was great. To see a legend perform is something folks should be grateful for .
Hope I can still sing when I am 70 years old.


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