“Blow” (Video)

    Pusha T is stepping up his viral game considerably lately while promoting his Fear of God mixtape, which dropped two months ago. With the above video for “Blow,” he has now released visuals for four cuts off the project. Even though “Can I Live” was a lil’ too Diet “Big Pimpin’,” each video has been good-to-great. That goes especially for the most recent ones for “Open Your Eyes” and “Blow,” the latter of which dropped today.


    It’s a crisp, visually sharp piece from directors Mike Carson and Mike Waxx. And they have chosen to keep it relatively simple while focusing primarily on the depth of Pusha’s rhymes and the emotion that dwells within. It’s also just a great marketing move to keep us aware of his upcoming EP, Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray, which drops June 21.