“Blow The Bank” ft. Oshy and Starr (Video)

    Back when Jim Jones’ last single, "Na Na Nana Na Na," got a video, I mentioned that the only topic Jones ever talks about is how much richer he is than everyone else because he really has no idea about what to rap about otherwise. If "Na Na Nana Na Na" helped me form a hypothesis, "Blow The Bank," his newest single, makes it an indisputable fact–Jones spends the video and the song talking about how he is going to spend a lot of money on stuff for his lady, and that he can do that, because, you know, he’s like totally rich. Like seriously, he’s so rich. 


    Apart from the fact that I had a few laughs thinking that "Blow The Bank" was actually a sexual metaphor (the first minute of the song leaves that up in the air), "Blow The Bank" is every bit as trite, lame, and resolutely uninteresting as anything and everything Jones has ever been involved with. 


    "Blow The Bank" is Jones’ Pray IV Reign, which is due out on March 24.