“Blanket” (Video)


    Bachelorette is the solo project of New Zealand native Annabel Alpers. And when I say “solo,” i mean extremely solo. When Alpers performs, she’s surrounded by laptops, keyboards, and guitars, with swirling projections surrounding and engulfing her (not unlike the above video). The only thing not present are, well, other people. Not overly surprising for an artist whose home country has less than half the population of New York City.


    Yet the absence of other people is all over Alpers’ music, as in the above song, “Blanket,” taken from Bachelorette’s latest, self-titled, record. It has lush beats and lyrics about awkwardness and longing for connection – think of it like a sweet, wallflowery Goldfrapp. Or Grandaddy as a girl. It’s great stuff.


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