“Black Mold” (Video)

    Today sees the release of Meat And Bone, the first album from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in eight years. They haven’t really lost a step, as their greasy rock-and-roll is still as pungent and punchy as ever.

    To celebrate the album, the group released the grisly video for album opener “Black Mold.” Here’s what Jon Spencer had to say on the song:

    The song is a kind of blues, inspired by Hurricane Irene, which was forecast to destroy New York, but never really got here. In the days coming up to it, we were practicing and writing in our basement and had to get everything up off the ground so if the storm hit, we wouldn’t get flooded and lose all of our gear and what not. I was going through lots of stuff and found boxes of my old records, which were already damp and soggy, and kind of moldy. The cardboard jackets were all stuck together, I had to pull the LP sleeves apart and destroyed a few. The vinyl was mostly ok, but for a guy who loves records, it really hurt.

    The moldy song soundtracks the backwoods horror/sci-fi story at the core of the video, which was shot in Belgium. It’s pretty gruesome stuff, made even more menacing by the Blues Explosion’s explosive sound.