“Black Magic” (Sep V Remix) (Prefix Premiere)

    When Prefix’s Matthew Richardson wrote that Magic Wands “clearly read the whole ‘Simple But Effective Boy Girl Duo Songwriting’ instruction manual,” he wasn’t joking. And it’s a compliment; Chris and Dexy Valentine make music like they just read the manual for fun, resulting in brightly crafted tunes like “Black Magic.” Now the twosome is readying its debut album, Aloha Moon, for an April 24 release on Bright Antenna. Accordingly, Sep V–a partner and producer at the label–has taken it upon himself to tweak the Magic Wands single.

    Under his influence, “Black Magic” becomes far dreamier, with some of its original backdrop replaced by cool synths and quietly glittering effects. In other places the music is stripped down to its minimalist percussion, leaving Dexy’s melodic singing to lead the track. Sep essentially builds an alternate version of the song around its signature, blade-like guitar riff, which now cuts even cleaner amid the new instrumentation. You can stream the remix below.