‘Black Friday’ (Mixtape)

    When Mac Miller dropped Blue Slide Park and hit No. 1, I was worried he wouldn’t put out another release with a color in the title. Lucky for me, the Pittsburgh rapper put out Black Friday, a compilation of tracks recorded when he was 16-17 years old. On Twitter, Miller wrote that the mixtape is a collection of “very old songs” and we should check it out if we’re interested.

    I was interested enough. On Friday, Mac raps about getting his grades up, smoking and features his very first radio freestyle. When he spits about the grind and having to work hard in the music game, it’s no bullshit; the kid is a hard worker, one of several current rappers born in the early ’90s that sets goals to achieve them, not just to say that he has ambition. The mixtape is tagged and the sound quality sags a bit, but Black Friday is worth the check out if you want to get an idea of Mac’s progress as a rapper. Check the tracklist below and click here if you want to give it a spin. [2DBZ]

    1. DJ Capcom Freestyle f. Beedie
    2. Stop Bitchin’ (prod. Big Jerm) (Full Version)
    3. What If? (prod. James Moore)
    4. No Hook
    5. Girls In The Palm Of My Hand (prod. Johnny Juliano)
    6. La Familia f. Ghosty
    7. Born On Halloween f. Ghosty
    8. When The Money Come Slow (prod. Rod Da Blizz)
    9. The Stick Up
    10. The Introduction
    11. Successful
    12. On My Grind f. Jimmie Hoffa (Rare)
    13. Cartel Gathering f. Beddie & Jimmie Hoffa (Rare)
    14. First Radio Freestyle Ever
    15. U-Stream Word Game Freestyle (2008)