‘Bitch Mob: Respect Da Bitch Vol. 1’ (Mixtape)

    Get ready to check your brain at the door and turn up the volume. Lil B has just released a new mixtape called Bitch Mob: Respect Da Bitch Vol. 1. Just mere seconds into opening track “Ready for War,” the bass hits — and it hits hard as the Based God addresses his career, haters, and getting out of the hood. From there, the next 23 tracks are equal parts over-the-top insanity (“Still Cooking” and “Bill Bellamy”) and blunted chill-rap (“Pay 4 Pussy” and “Mask Up”). There are also, as usual, a few somber slow-jams from Lil B, who again tries his hand at singing on “I Just Wanna Cry.”


    If you somehow haven’t hopped aboard the Based God’s hype train just to find out what he’s all about, consider this your opportunity. He covers all the bases (no pun, I promise) here and his ear for beats remains fantastic. Just don’t expect to be won over.


    You can download the mixtape here.