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Birdman: "Fire Flame Money" (Remix) f. Lil Wayne

If I was Lil Wayne's probation officer, I'd have to question his priorities: Here he is, fresh out the jail jumping on a remix of Birdman's "Fire Flame Money," a really bad song that features a bunch of really bad Birdman verses. But now it features just a pretty okay Wayne verse, so now it's way better, I guess. Not. Back to jail, Weezy. You're going to have to add a few years added to your sentence. And while there, you have to listen to "Fire Flame Money" on a loop. Listen at Real Talk

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OK so why would he have to go to jail for putting out music? Doesnt make any sense.. Maybe u should go to jail for being an idiot.


Wow, this is the worst post I've ever read. It lacks knowledge and "Andrew" sounds like a man who needs a few friends in life.


The person who wrote this sounds like he's just against lil wayne look at the picture he posted with this


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