“Bill Bellamy” (Video)

    Earlier this week, fellow Prefix writer Wilson McBee provided a killer op-ed piece that took an in-depth look at the pseudo-phenomenon that is Lil B. McBee was partially driven to write his piece after hearing the Based God’s latest effort, I’m Gay (I’m Happy), which features the rapper at his most focused. Well, that is, of course, if you consider his more sociopolitical stuff to be when Lil B is focused. Because as we all know, he has another side. A much more ridiculous side dedicated to tracks made for “cooking” and, if nothing else, wylin’ out to the beat. Fitting that bill is “Bill Bellamy,” which now has a typically simplistic video of the Based God bouncing around in a neon shirt. It’s also full of hilarious one-liners, monstrous production, and more than enough references to Bill Bellamy.