“BFK” (Video)

    Freddie Gibbs has a knack for getting people of the law in trouble—not willingly, of course. Last year, a pretty hilarious headline was made after a TSA employee found two sizeable bags of weed in Gangsta Gibbs’ luggage, but instead of going through the usual routine, left a note reading “c’mon son”—a fine show of lookoutmanship which eventually cost the dude his job.

    Gibbs’ new video, “BFK,” has earned one local police offer a nice grilling from his boss. Filmed in the rapper’s hometown of Gary, Indiana, the clip includes a police vehicle as a prop, surrounded by Gibbs and his peoples throwing gang signs up and cocking guns among other things. The vehicle belonged to Patrolman Jason Johnson, who has since lost his take-home car privelidges and been demoted to the garage, according to Fake Shore Drive. Ouch!

    You can watch the culprit that caused it all below. The track can be found on Gibbs’ recent Baby Face Killa mixtape.