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Beyonce: "Ego" (Video)


This reasonably "Single Ladies"-esque video for Beyonce's "Ego" seems to justify my earlier assumption that "Ego" is just a euphemism for something else. The way that Beyonce preens about, singing, "it's too big/it's too wide/it's too strong/it won't fit," do you really think she's talking about an aspect of somebody's personality or their person? Beyonce wins the award for best one-and-a-half entendre. [2DopeBoyz]


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she will put her back right up into that ego.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jennacide/jjpg.jpg jennacide

Sucked. I wonder if she can do a video with out looking like as STRIPPER.


I love this song Go gurl Love you


so sick of this chick.. okay yeah she can sing but her voice is playd out i my music book.. lol

Rae. <3

Booo i feel like i'm watching diva or single ladies all over again...
come on bee surprise me with something new


is it me.. or didnt rihanna do this in her umbrella video .. and how much can she copy lady gaga? She needs to cover those horse legs.. wtf man.


this be de shiit mahn..
sheza dope singa buh why she gotta flash booty al de tym!?
i mean lik..aye Bee..yu'd make a gud strippa..


It's another hot one from the Queen B...go Beyonce!! simply sizzlin'. she looks gorgeous! as always:) work it out B


I used to love Beyonce. I still like her, but I just wish she didnt have to always look like a ho in her vidos. I think I like alicia keyes better now. Her music actually means something and she lets her voice get her millions sold, not her body. Not a good image


um i love this song b/c she snapped on it but the video is garbage single ladies #2 video she need to get more creative


This is a horrible song, and the video is a recycle of that other crappy video. Someone was being cheap.


If you are so big to have a negative comment, at least type correctly!
Dag, how are you going to insult her when you don't even type what you are trying to say!


Yeah I think it is MOST definitely a euphemism....most def...


Okay stop hatin dam. U kno when she perform she gone kill it. Those who be hatin try n do wat she do. Oh by tha way I have seen yall wanabees and it aint a good look


Love the song, I am a fan of Alicia's myself. Have always had the opinion that once we get used to the booty shakin' what next. It is a nice song she does not scream so much, and ya it grew on me.


I did not love this video at all...what are you thinking B....TRY TRY TRY THAT ONE MORE TIME!

Tha cute one

She i s fabulous and she can sing but some of her videos are just... I don't know the right expression .. I love the song but the video is so untactful...yak ...She looks so easy ,like a ho....


ha ha ha nice will i thank i don't know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/christeboo/photo-on-2011-02-11-at-1030jpg.jpg christeboo

Her hair could of been better with all the money she makes. But, the song itself is cool. Jay-z turned her out with his


I love B. She is definitely the baddest chick in the game right now, but there are alot of female artist out trying to steal her crown (Ciara, Kerri Hilson, Rhianna...) She need not get so comfortable and keep putting out the same thing. Her female fans dont want to keep seeing her shake her ass. I love the song, but the video is WHACK. Every video she puts out is all about her. There is never a story line... or any creativity. Come on B, get it together!


Ain't nobody no hater! If they didn't like the Ego Video. What does that have to do with someone's ego and She does copy like in the Halo video(shouldn't that have been like an Angelic video and I know don't own a record label but I don't know with the water part that was from our fallen Angel


i don kno what yall people talkn bout this is a great song these other new artists comn out just tryn to take beyonces ego

bossy b

I love what she does but i have to say this video sucked a little bit what i think happend is she didnt have enough ime to really put her all into in but wanted to put out a new video next time she should wait until she has more time to work it out

always a fan

i love beyonce! the song is tight but the dayum video sucks!!!! i am a true fan but i must admit she's getting to be boring yaaaaaaaaaawn!


I love Beyonce she is so talented! I love her new single Sasha Fiece i bought 4 copies she is so. Ego and single ladies tell the truth

Sexi 34

She Still Sexy I Dont Care Wat Yall Say!!!

Expensive $J-Price$

The video was wack but she is still sexy and nice 2 look at


like da vedio wit da fro da shinney out fit 4 yall haters bitch


dammit still the same, feelin like im watchin single ladies once again; but shez gotta that ego to keep on showin her bootylicious body, i mean its not bad but hmm... but i luv Bee, thats all


amess she need 2 change it up a lil cuz dat wasn't nun bu single ladies#2 no homo bt dats my gurl nd i knw she culda did better.


this video is WHACK. I love be but it seems like she is losing it. some times i dont no were her mind is at when she comes out with stuff like this. GET IT TOGETHER GURL


The video is not among Beyonce's best and the not-so-subtle lyrics to the song could use some "cleaning up."
By the way, is there a way that my young brothers can express themselves without such a dependency on SLANG???


YAll need to stop hating on Beyonce,like Nore,Tha cute one,and SO SICK OF HER.She is the greatest person in the world I ever sawww.OK.Beyonce if U ever see this please leave a commet for me,cause these people hatin on U so leave a commet bck PLEASE........and the people thts hatin YALL SUCK,cause BEYONCE is like a sister to me.PC




I love this song. beyonce rocks ya'll. keep rockin


Good job beyonce Love the videos!FYI:try & cover up!foreal thats why you have negative comments.stop hating alll you ppl below.i knoe she dresses sluty but stop the negativity

Tha' Queen

Is it a coincidence that all the negativity is comin from the ladies ??
The song is good - all her songs are good. Anyone who is sayin her voice is not good has not listened to I am.... It shows her soulful side & highlights her capabilities vocally.
As far as her ego video - she's not regergitating anything - she's simply giving her true fans what they want.
She's an AMAZING dancer, And, yes, she's beautiful - why wouldn't she show it ?!!


LLLLOOOOVVVVVEEEEE ego !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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