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Beyonce: Ego (Remix f. Kanye - MP3)

This song is "that's what she said" heaven. But really, though, it can't actually be about the size of some guy's ego -- that would be believable only if the lyrics were pieced together by a class of very-not-precocious fourth-graders. The chorus, which expands upon the logistical problems posed by the dimensions of this guy's ego, is preceded by a lyric about "opening [Beyonce] up."  This is the biggest innuendo FAIL in pop since "If You Seek Amy." [2DopeBoyz]



Ear Pwr - "Super Animal Brothers III" Annie "Anthonio" (Stream)

dis song is great is awsome because muh man is got a HUGE EGO!!!!!!!!

lana bug

I lav de remix wth Mr West,cos i undrstnd de track better with u rock Beyonce


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