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Beyonce: At Last (Etta James Cover) (Live At Neighborhood Ball) (Video)

Beyonce was prominent in the entertainment for the bevy of balls last night celebrating Barack Obama's inauguration, including getting to sing the song for Michelle and Barack's first dance as president and first lady. Naturally, she sang Etta James' "At Last" (which she, coincidentally sings in her latest movie Cadillac Records), and made a lot of the women in attendance start crying (check the woman at 1:47 ). Beyonce's performance was rather over the top (especially that shouty thing she did at the end), but she'd have to be real bad to ruin this. [via Idolator]
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Why didn't Etta James just sing her own song? She's alive...and probably would have done it. It would have sucked a lot less.


Don't be hurt and jealous that her voice and beauty project youthful energy that can carry across a million people while serenading a historic moment in this life.

Kristina Swallows

Today is the day when all Americans can stop, reflect and re-invent themselves. If you don't have something you want, go after it today. If you desire to be more than who you are, reach for it. If you were told you could never be, today is the day when you can turn and say, you can't be talking to me!

Don't hate on the gifts of others. Use the gifts you possess and see how life will bless you.

Today is the Day!!!!!!

O Perry

R u kidding!!! She rocked that song and send chills down my arm. She was amazing!


It was beautiful and all i could see is President adoring his wife, something we haven't seen in a long time......stunning!!


The dream..celebration..people..occasion..go beyond the delivery from Beyonce..Nevertheless she added to the magic. My hopes as an Australian is that there is a renewal in the American sense of fairness and community with others.At last.. there is this sensibility


You crazy if you think Beyonce didn't rock that song. Etta James should be proud that someone like her did her song justice. Beyonce ROCKS!!!!!!!


Ms. James is a Blues Great and should be treated as such..there is NO way to improve on Ms. James' rendition of 'At Last'...when WE could not entertain at the White House and when we couldn't sing on the grand stages of Las Vegas....MS. ETTA JAMES SANG FOR US! AND ENTERTAINED US!
HER MUSIC HELPED TO GET US THROUGH!..I'm sure Ms. James must have felt slighted and hurt...she sang her heart out, is known all over the world and blew the song UP!...Shame on the Inaguration Committee...It was a total blunder on their part...Ms. Beyonce needs to get beyond the uh-0hs and sing something with substance!

Etta's Fan

Ms Beyonce did a wonderful job with the great Etta James song. Ms James is one in a million. and if i ever remarry (i'm 67) i want that song sung at my wedding. and i don't really care which one of the beautiful ladies(James) or Beyonce album is played. its the voice that really rings. god bless both of you.


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