“Best I Ever Had,” “Every Girl in the World” and “Always Strapped” (Live on BET Awards) (Video)


    Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” has been all over hip-hop and pop radio this summer, and while he’s busy courting reported multi-million dollar deals from record labels, he still hasn’t had much of a presence on TV (except for, of course, his stint on Degrassi). Last night, Drake had probably his biggest performance on TV at the BET Awards, performing “Best I Ever Had” after delivering a hokey Michael Jackson shout out. After doing most of “Best,” Drake was joined by Mack Maine and Lil Wayne to do Young Money’s “Every Girl in the World,” which was a complete and total train wreck. Wayne sounds out of breath the whole time, the beat is too quiet compared to the vocals, and the song had to be muted and changed so much do to dirty lyrics (the chorus is “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world”) most of it was unintelligible. The performance gets marginally better when Birdman comes out to do part of “Always Strapped,” but not by much.