“Best Day Ever” (Video)

    Mac Miller is one of those rappers that I have a hard time explaining. Like, he’s arguably the most popular blog rapper at the moment amongst people who don’t read rap blogs (read: real people), but I can’t tell what people are seeing in him that they don’t see in, say, Big K.R.I.T. He’s basically Asher Roth 2.0, but without the pop culture references and the one hit wonder status. I guess it’s because he’s willing to be so earnest, particularly in “Best Day Ever,” his new single/video that features footage of Miller as a kid and some cringe-worthy stuff about being happy all the time. But even that doesn’t seem right. And it’s not like he’s the best rapper: That line about buzzing like a hornet was pretty rough. I don’t know what to think or write about this kid. What say you? 


    Best Day Ever is out now.