‘Bernard Arnault EP’ (Limited Edition)

    Most of us are still crying foul over the news that Soulja Boy is going to reprise Tupac’s role in a remake of Juice. Hell, just typing that sentence felt wrong. The 21-year-old rapper-producer hasn’t let the hate slow him down, though. He recently released the Bernard Arnault EP, which contains 10 new tracks from Soulja and more references to swag than you probably need to hear. And while that is to be expected — as is the monotonous flow — I don’t know how many of us were expecting to hear a 20-minute “freestyle” on here. The fact that he calls it a freestyle is kind of misleading because it’s pretty obvious that he’s not rapping off the top for the most part. But hey, more power to the dude for sticking to one beat for almost 21 fucking minutes and keeping it somewhat interesting.


    You can download the mixtape at DatPiff.