“Belly of the Beast” (Video)

    Although igniting brawls left right, and center in the ’90s with heavy hits like “Slam” and “Throw Ya Gunz,” New York rap outfit Onyx has struggled to provoke even a few punches in recent years. But with a new album in the works—one that includes heat rocks like this—their luck might change.

    In the video to “Belly of the Beast,” appropriately released on Halloween, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz spit with that same menace in front of a crap load of cash, suggesting that there might just be money in underground hip-hop afterall (either that or they indulge in the occasional bank heist on off days).

    The banger is produced by one of the underground’s best new beatmakers, Audible Doctor, and will bolster Onyx’s upcoming eigth album, Cuzo.

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