“Believer” (Live On Alan Carr) (Video)


    Goldfrapp’s fifth album Head First continues the band’s penchant for genre hopping, making a giant leap from the spooked out folk influence of Seventh Tree into a distinctly ’80 leaning pop sound. This performance of “Believer” was recorded for Alan Carr’s irreverent talk show in the U.K.

    It’s sometimes difficult to grasp exactly what the members of Goldfrapp are trying to do, other than studiously work their way through various pop high points from past decades, but this performance of “Believer” at least proves that they are remarkably good at it. Some of the band even wear giant keytars, cementing the ‘80s theme—although it’s difficult to see where Goldfrapp will head next, as the ‘90s were a pretty un-synth friendly period. Perhaps some industrial Nine Inch Nails-type sounds beckon?