“Behold A Raccoon In The Darkness” F. Jeff Tweedy

    Last week, we heard the track that will appear on the other side of Deerhoof’s latest single, “Behold a Raccoon in the Darkness.” The track in question, “Own It,” was the first material head from Jeff Tweedy and sons’ new band, the Raccoonists, and it came with a fucking hilarious video. And today, the A-side of the single has appeared on Pitchfork for streaming. It features Tweedy adding vocals to Deerhoof’s “Behold a Marvel in the Darkness,” which appears on their latest album, Deerhoof Vs. Evil. The Wilco frontman’s presence turns it into one of the more vocally straightforward and poppy Deerhoof tracks we’ve heard lately. It’s also just a nice lil’ summer romp.


    The single, “Behold a Raccoon in the Darkness,” is due out Oct. 11 on Polyvinyl.