Behind The Scenes Of One Life To Live

    Tireless self promoter Snoop Dogg is riding back into Llanview. What is Llanview, you ask? Well, it’s the fictional town of long-running (over forty years!) American soap opera One Life to Live.

    It’s not as strange a concept as you may think. Soap operas regularly feature musicians in cameo roles, usually in a live performance setting where they can promote their new single, but also awkwardly fitting them into the convoluted story lines. In the past, One Life to Live has featured Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, and Keri Hilson in the past, as well as Snoop Dogg last spring while promoting his last album, Ego Trippin.

    Along with performing a song off his new album, Malice N’ Wonderland, Snoop will reprise his role as friend of local music/television producer and town sheriff Bo Buchanan, — who, it must be said, has lived through the death of two wives, a fiancee, and a son, as well some figuring out how to travel through time — who we are told gave Snoop his big break in show business. The video above is not a clip (the episode will air Feb. 24), but is footage from the rehearsal that shows Snoop learning the blocking of scene, followed by the rest of the cast snapping pictures of the famous rapper to show their friends.

    The soap opera format offers a campiness which Snoop has embraced over the last few years with his comedy and reality shows, in an effort to seem more respectable and family-friendly. I envision a whole new career in the soaps for the rapper, who can entangle his former image as a gangster into the plot of the show, maybe even having a child who we will find out is not his but, a few seasons later, will find out is really his.