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Beck: "All Come To Meet Her" f. Wilco and Jamie Lidell (Skip Spence Cover) (Video)


Beck's Record Club, up until eight weeks ago, was a charming, if half-baked thing. While it was cool to see him and the MGMT dudes massacre Leonard Cohen, it still left something to be desired in the, you know, actual musical-enjoyment column. But then dude switches over to Skip Spence's Oar and shit got real. Every week is like a special present that you get to open a week before Christmas. And this dude-choir version of "All Come to Meet Her" featuring Jamie Lidell, WIlco and others is no different: This is nearly a Fleet Foxes track. It's going to be a sad day when they switch to a different album.

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Definitely. This stuff is wonderful.

How many of you have listened to the originals? More important, has anyone bought the album based on Beck's covers?

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I had Oar for months before Record club did it. Odd choice of cover, excellent staff on deck though. I'm waiting for the whole thing to come out before I listen to it though. Can't deal with this track a week business.

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If you like Oar, you'll like this stuff, I think.

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