“Beautiful Son” (Video)

    Last month Peaking Lights released their new album Lucifer, and it marked an interesting transition for the duo. Indra Dunis and Aaron Doyes, a married couple, used their newborn son Mikko as “a guiding light muse for the album.” Songs were written with him in mind, and his coos and babbling even made cameos on a few tracks.

    Now the group has released a video for “Beautiful Son,” and the titular kid makes his acting debut. The clip features the kinds of batty visuals we’ve come to expect from Peaking Lights: flying keyboards, disembodied heads, psychedelic colors, and general gif-worthyness. Mikko pops up playing and smiling, and you can tell the sense of pride Dunis and Doyes get when they float by. Suffice to say, this is much weirder than any of your home movies. Watch the clip below.