“Beat It Up” F. Dallas Blocker (Video)

    Slim Thug must have a pretty sweet life. Well, he does if it’s anything like his video for “Beat It Up,” the latest single off last year’s Tha Thug Show. Apparently he’s met some pretty attractive women at gas stations over the years, otherwise I’m not really sure why he and director DJ Young Samm decided to use that setting as the pick-up location. I guess Slim’s trying to give off some kind of blue collar vibe here. Although that fades away once he takes the woman back to his bedroom, which is ridiculously nice. It’s there that he rubs on her ass for a little while before he “beats the pussy up.” Ugh, yeah, that’s what he and guest Dallas Blocker are referring to throughout the track. Nice. I can’t imagine too many women falling for that line at a gas station. Then again, I’m not Slim Thug.


    Tha Thug Show is out now.