“Beard Motivation 101”

    During the first minute or so of this new Freeway track, you hear some chatter related to the possibility of the gruff Philadelphia spitter joining Jeezy’s CTE imprint. You then hear someone say “anything’s possible” before the awesomely bearded rapper absolutely unleashes on “Beard Motivation 101.” He appropriately raps over a rotating blend of beats from recent Jeezy tracks, including “Shake Life,” which certainly gives more credence to the CTE rumors. The move would be a huge one for the Philly Freezer, who hasn’t really found a proper home since the Roc-A-Fella days. Sure, he’s got a deal with Rhymesayers for his stuff with producer Jake One, but dude’s still kind of just floating around. 

    You can stream “Beard Motivation” below and speculate all you want in the comments section. The track stems from Superstar Jay and DJ Love Dinero’s upcoming mixtape, The Intermission.

    [Rap Radar]