“Batphone” (Video)

    So rumors keep coming from the Cool Kids camp that we’re bound to hear When Fish Ride Bicycles at some point this year and that, in fact, it’s not their fault we haven’t heard it yet. I don’t doubt that it’s not their fault considering the label issues faced by so many hip-hop acts since the genre began more than 30 years ago. But I, and others, still can’t help but be frustrated by the feeling that the Cool Kids’ best days, in terms of catching on with a bigger audience, might have passed. We’re hopeful they haven’t, but who really knows at this point.


    What we do know is that half of the Chicago-based duo has a mixtape coming soon. You might remember that Mikey Rocks leaked a series of tracks last year, one of which was the absolutely killer “Batphone.” Well, he’s apparently making sure that you didn’t forget about the track as he’s shot this straightforward, day-in-the-life video for the song. It’s a fittingly relaxed set of visuals for a track that’s as smooth and jazzy as they come.


    We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any possible related Cool Kids news when it breaks. ‘Til then, enjoy the above video.