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Bat for Lashes: "Wilderness" (Stream)

"Wilderness" is a Two Suns b-side that Bat for Lashes fans got when they purchased Two Suns on iTunes. It's got that familiar Bat for Lashes epic sweep, and sounds like it might have been an appropriate addition to Two Suns or Fur & Gold, which is perhaps why it's a b-side.


Two Suns is out now on Astrelwerks.


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Bat for Lashes



It should have been on the CD I BOUGHT. I find myself getting very angry about this.

I just hope that Natasha doesn't find out about how annoyed PARLOPHONE have made me, I'm sure she has enough on her plate with her tour and that.

I don't know if I can listen to her music anymore I'm really peeved about this. First of all the missing lyric sheets now this!

WELL DONE PARLOPHONE!!! You've spoiled it all for me and possibly others.

I'm supposed to feel nice emotions and get a warm glow but PARLOPHONE have given me a shipload of negative emotions to deal with.

And what do I get from to reward me for actually buying the album instead of ripping it off? A CRAPPY LOW-FI download. No thanks, if I want crap quality recordings I'll buy rip-off CDs from a car-boot sale for a couple of quid.

Not impressed!!!


I don't see the point in putting only part of my comments up.
Anyway I've calmed down a bit now after visiting and finding a link to a free download of a special remix of Daniel. You'll have to enter some details like an email address etc. and they'll send you the link, when you get there Right click and Save As... make sure it's an mp3 you are saving, or just click the link and listen.


what the f*ck dude? you're an idiot. this is not an album track, so why would it be on your album? it's not like the record company didn't include this track on just your copy or something? lol and did you EVEN LISTEN to that "lo-fi" version of daniel before assuming it was just a worse quality version of the song? it's actually a different rendition of the song; a totally different, live recording with completely different instrumentation. it's a really good track, so you haven't heard it you should. and stop getting so f*cking angry dude, you should appreciate the fact that natasha khan made such an amazing album for you to enjoy instead of complaining about her record company. YOU CAN LOOK UP THE LYRICS ONLINE!!!


What's annoying is that you can't get it anywhere apart from iTunes, which means downloading iTunes and buying the ENTIRE album. I already bought the album, from amazon. So there's no legal way for me to get this song unless I buy an album that I already have!

The record is beautiful. I Haven't stopped listening to it for weeks. I have no complaints about. Natasha Khan's music is amazing. But I want this song. I would be happy to pay for it, but not the £5 it costs to buy the whole album.


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