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Bat for Lashes: "Use Somebody" (Kings of Leon Cover) (Stream)

"Use Somebody" is basically the only track on Kings of Leon's fourth effort, Only By the Night, that isn't mostly awful and collapsing under it's own self-importance (although there is a lot of that too). On a BBC Radio 1 performance recently, Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) covered the song expertly, bringing out an emotional nakedness that isn't evident on the original. It's kind of a random cover as seen through a U.S.-centric lens, but the Kings are enormous in the U.K., so Khan covering this makes total sense.


Bat for Lashes pretty great sophomore album, Two Suns, is out now.

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Bat for Lashes

talk about biased


Biased is right. I like Natasha Khan, and I like Kings of Leon, and while this song is interesting, I don't really see how it's better.

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it's good but not a cover that i would choose to listen to, it does convey the sadness and loneliness that this song is supposed to posses. i guess this version is just too slow in tempo for me


Personally I like the Kings version better, although I agree that nothing on only by the night is nearly on par with any tracks on youth and young manhood... However, this cover is chilled and worth the remake


I've seen/heard better covers on youtube. Not bad, just not better than the original!


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