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Basia Bulat: "Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone" (Ted Leo Cover) (Live On A.V. Undercover) (Video)

Basia Bulat covers Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Cutie pie folk singer Basia Bulat is about the least likely person you'd expect to choose to cover a song by Ted Leo when there is a song by Loretta Lynn available. But here Bulat is on A.V. Undercover, covering "Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone," arguably Leo's mission statement in song form. She turns it into a calm folk song, which is predictable, but when she starts shouting and shredding towards the end, this thing takes a step up. I never thought I'd like a folk cover of a ripping punk song, but here we are. The cover is above, and the original is below. 

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Basia Bulat

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