“Barry Sanders” (Video)

    Wale — or the folks of the Dre Films team, rather —  has been on a roll lately when it comes to his online promotional game. In just the past few weeks, we have seen a handful of new videos from the D.C. rapper. He is really going all out to make sure we know about his relatively new album, Ambition, and the rest of his catalog for that matter. Because for his latest video, Wale has looked to “Barry Sanders,” one of the finer moments from this summer’s Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape.

    The Dre Films team has filled the visuals with clips from Barry Sanders’ storied career along with those of other athletes, including Michael Jordan and Harold “Baby Jordan” Miner. It’s a pretty slick watch, and one that’s sure to please the rapid sports fan in your household. Watch the video below.