“Bang Bang Pow Pow” F. Lil Wayne

    Auto-Tune-loving best buddies T-Pain and Lil Wayne have collaborated once again on the former’s latest single, “Bang Bang Pow Pow.” It is just as ridiculous as you would expect from a track with name like that, though thankfully Weezy leaves the Auto-Tune alone for his sleep-walking verse. Not T-Pain, though, who’s rapping and singing his way through the typically perverted ode to poppin’ pussies, fucking, and all sorts of other ignorant shit.

    At least the beat is pretty dope, which is to be expected coming from producer T-Minus. You might remember that he’s laced a slew of killer R&B and hip-hop singles, from DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” to Lil Wayne’s “She Will.” You can stream “Bang Bang Pow Pow” below. T-Pain’s new album, rEVOLVEr, drops Dec. 6.