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Band of Horses: "Compliments" (Live On Ferguson) (Video)

Band of Horses' move to the middle musically (Infinite Arms) and move to major label Columbia has worked in more than few ways for the band: They hit the top ten this week, and they're getting booked to play like every late night show. Last night they brought their honky tonk "Compliments" to Ferguson's program, rocking out so vaguely southern and softly dressed up like sorta cowboys. This band suddenly no longer seems indie, do they? They seem like a band your History teacher would be into. 


Infinite Arms is out now. 

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Band of Horses

This stuff still sounds better live than on the record, but it still ain't working. I seriously can't stop thinking of Alabama when I hear this stuff, and the bass player's hat isn't helping keep that at bay.

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nice call on them losing the indie tag...they've changed their identity to the point that there's not much indie left in their rock.
the bass and piano players annoy

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