“Bam” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Italian future-pop duo M+A have celebrated the release of their new album, Things.Yes, by issuing what is easily one of the year’s most absorbing music videos. Director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro’s team has taken all of the elements of M+A’s highly addictive “Bam” and showcased them in a way few other means ever could.

    As the the track starts up in the background, a crew of carbon-copy dancers begin to mimic the vocal and electronic samples heard within “Bam.” From the thick kicks to the glitching vocals and drums to the clinking glockenspiel, not a single layer is glossed over by Tagliafierro.

    And while his vision is likely sharp enough to make any song engaging, M+A’s single is certainly not just “any song.” It’s a warming, meticulously crafted piece of pop music that is both catchy and endearing, and it should most definitely gain the duo some attention in the States.

    You can watch the “Bam” video below. Things.Yes is out now on Monotreme Records Ltd.