“Bad Romance” (Video)

    At this point, the only reasonable way to evaluate a Lady Gaga video is to consider the degree to which it’s completely ridiculous, and by that standard the pop star’s latest clip for “Bad Romance” is a resounding success.


    The beginning is supposed to be, what, an interpretation of Marilyn Manson’s clip for “The Dope Show” through the lens of A Clockwork Orange, with a hint of an anime-obsessed Guillermo Del Toro thrown in for the heck of it. From there it descends into a ton of choreography, allusions to i don’t know what, and the revelation that Lady Gaga apparently shares the spine of Natasha Henstridge from Species. But that’s all fine because none of this has to be coherent, or artful, it just has to be Gaga- which it smashes right through. Really, the only slight problem with the video is that there’s too much of Lady Gaga’s face in it. Yeah, there’s the recent revelation that she’s actually bizarrely attractive, but Lady Gaga’s probably the only recent popstar who doesn’t have to look good; she just has to look outrageous.